The Quarrybbean offers the consummate West Coast experience but with all the creature comforts. Its a privately owned ‘off the grid’ summer residence retreat located on the Sunshine Coast, approximately 65 miles north of Vancouver. It may be remote but it’s not out of touch. The shores of Quarry Bay are dotted with summer cabins, docks and activity. The closest coastal town is Madeira Park in Pender Harbour, known as the “Venice of the North” because of its complex waterways connecting the area. 


The Quarrybbean is a 2 ½ acre bare land strata waterfront property on Nelson Island. It has two buildings that are connected by a 70 ft. patio-styled bridge. Strata rules regulate the peaceful enjoyment and natural beauty of Quarry Bay. Access to the buildings is by way of a 235 foot cliff-side funicular elevator. This feature combines the convenience of a commanding view from the Perch Studio, (approximately 13 stories above the water), with being on the dock in under 3 minutes. This kind of easy access is sheer luxury! 

The concrete wharf/patio can be 5 feet off the water at high tide or towering above it at low tide. This was only possible with steel and concrete stanchions pinned into the tidal shelf below. It offers over 800 sq. ft. of level patio space to chill and hang out. It’s optional to jump in and swim. There’s even an out door shower! If fresh water swimming is preferred, there’s the option of hiking to 2 warm-water lakes for a great afternoon excursion. A third pond-like lake has a beaver lodge! 


Our accommodations offer views of Quarry Bay, Malaspina Strait, Texada Island or into our private forest. The penthouse Perch Studio, complete with wrap-around deck and windows in all directions, has a queen Murphy bed and 2-piece bathroom. Positioned upon a steep granite cliff, it was designed to mimic an eagle’s perch with a panoramic view of the world below. And it delivers!

* Use of ‘The Perch Studio’ is now available and included in the rental price of the property.

Nestled amongst the trees is the original Tree House cabin, which has recently been expanded and renovated. It boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a large high ceiling ‘great room’ with skylights, a large kitchen with new appliances, and a dining and lounge area. There is a propane fireplace that acts as a heating system. Deck yourself out! There’s plenty of deck and patio space. Fire up the barbeque to commence your culinary delights. We have two of them!  Eating outdoors adds to the feeling of intrinsic abundance.


Nelson Island consists of crown land and private properties. There is no hydropower, public roads or services. This is the great outdoors! Not to worry, we have cell coverage and our 12 panel solar system generates renewable energy that powers the elevator, water pump, pressure tanks, fridge, dish washer, dryer, washing machine, all lighting and outlets. We have four flush toilets and an efficient septic field system. If you must use your laptop, load up on cell data and use your personal hot spot to access the internet. We have a Telus Smart Hub to assist with improved internet connectivity. When Starlink gets it’s satellites functional, then you can really knock yourself out!

Recreational activities, creativity, serenity and an affinity to nature are the primary reasons to be here. Connecting with family friends or your special partner should also be a priority. This is a chill zone retreat with many options. The overall strata is approx. 450 acres which includes private trails to 2 warm water lakes - ideal for hiking, swimming, trout fishing, rowing and canoeing. Your vacation stay includes the use of 2 paddleboards, 2 kayaks, 2 rowboats and a canoe at no extra cost.

Start exploring!


Behaved pets are welcome. Guests have claimed its Dog Heaven! Maximum of 8 people allowed, possibly more with an up charge. There are age restrictions for children. We are wheelchair and senior friendly, aided by our funicular elevator and outdoor decks.

New for 2021/2022

  • 2 ceiling fans in the main cabin living room and upper bedroom

  • Under the kitchen cabinets counter lighting (LED & dimmable) 

  • A complete Sonos Sound System with 4 mounted wall speakers and one self-contained Sonos traveller for outdoors or a fifth speaker inside. (Bring your play lists.)

  • A 4 piece Hampton outdoor patio set

  • A 3 burner Webber bar-b-q

  • An 8 x 16 foot ‘GrowIt’ Shelter Logic Greenhouse

  • A 12 x 20 foot Shelter Logic for out-of-sight out door storage

  • A 10 x 10 foot Event Tent for extra shading when you need it

  • A tan coloured buttery leather reclining love seat (in the Perch Studio)

  • A new pantry sized ‘beer’ fridge, also good for ‘extra’ food

  • A custom built Kayak/Paddle Board Rack (on the float)

  • New array of lithium batteries for increased power storage with less chance of power outages at night, and less need to run the generator during the day

  • The dishwasher is now activated for limited daytime use (while the sun hits the solar panels)

  • Some new area rugs and photographic art

  • More decretive glazed clay pots with year round exotic plants

  • Low lying classic cedar fencing near the fire pit to delineate the property line and avoid trespassing onto the neighbour’s property

  • More surprises are coming but we’ll announce them when they’re available for use.