2020 Season Rates

  • Prices based on maximum of 8 adults. Exceptions for 9 or 10 are negotiable with an upcharge. Groups, families and couples are encouraged. 

  • During High Season the minimum stay is four nights. and bookings are for weekdays only. If you book 7 nights or more, you will receive a 7% discount. 

  • During the Low Season the minimum stay is dropped to 3 days and weekends can be booked.

  • If you want to book more than two weeks, we can discuss an additional discount.

  • No holiday long weekends unless booked months in advance. 

  • All bookings commence on a Monday, except after a long weekend, during the Low Season or if you book a longer stay.

* All bookings are to be made through VRBO - Vacation Rentals By Owner

** There can always be exceptions, so inquire. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. 

  • High Season: June 15 to September 7

  • Low Season: April 6 to June 15 and September 7 to October 25

  • No Season: The facilities are winterized throughout November, December, January, and February. Exceptions can be made well in advance, but only on the cusp of winterization.

High Season Rate = $990 Canadian per night. That’s under $124 per person per night, based upon 8 people and before any discounts.

  • 4 nights = $3,960 Cdn 

  • 5 nights = $4,950 Cdn 

  • * 7 nights = $ 6,930 Cdn less 7% off = $6,445 Cdn

Low Season Rate = $690 Canadian per night. That's $86 per person per night, based upon 8 people and before any discounts.

  • 4 nights = $2,760 Cdn

  • 5 nights = $3,450 Cdn

  • * 7 nights = $4,830 Cdn less 7% off = $4,492 Cdn


*All rates are quoted in Canadian currency.

 For Americans, consider savings of 25% to 30% off because of the shifting exchange rate! 


Change Over Days; Check Out/Arrival Times; and Damage Deposits: 

  • Most Mondays are change over days

  • All  bookings start on a Monday unless it’s a long weekend or otherwise negotiated 

  • Check in/out times are flexible  

  • Arrival at the Quarrybbean, no sooner than noon. Rooms available by 3pm or earlier.

  • Departures no later than 1pm and rooms vacated by 10am.
    If no one is arriving on your departure day, you can stay a little longer but not for dinner

  • Damage deposit is a minimum $1,500. It’s refundable if you don’t wreck anything.

  • Because of our remoteness, breaking a large appliance, elevator damage, damaged railings, plumbing, etc. can cost significantly more than repairs on the mainland. Repairmen’s travel time, transportation costs, availability, weather considerations and short notice for service, can be problematic and costly. Unrepaired damage might trigger a cancellation or unnecessary discounts for the next group which you may be liable for. Be considerate, respectful and careful.

How To Get Here…


By Car: From Vancouver, cross the Lion’s Gate Bridge to the North Shore and go up Taylor Way, then west on the Upper Levels Highway (that eventually becomes the Sea to Sky highway). After about 12 minutes or so, signs will guide you to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. Take the Langdale ferry to Langdale on the Sunshine Coast. From there you will drive along the Sunshine Coast Highway to Madeira Park. Awhile after leaving Sechelt, you will pass two lakes on your drive to Madeira. First one will be on your right and the second one on your left. Immediately after the second lake, take the next turn off on your left, into Madeira Park. At the bottom of the hill there are several stores. Oak Tree Market has a great butcher and meats. There’s a liquor store, a Pharmacy and an IGA super market. There’s a school and soccer pitch. After the soccer pitch, veer right and within 150 feet is the Madeira Park public docks, where you will catch your water taxi.


From downtown Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay should take you roughly 20 to 40 minutes depending on traffic and bridge conditions. The ferry ride is about 35 minutes, plus off-loading time. And the drive from Langdale, along the Sunshine Coast Highway to Madeira Park, should take approximately 60 to 70 minutes without any stops. Check the ferry schedule for departure times. To avoid disappointment and several sailing waits, we advise reservations. Go to:


By Float Plane: If flying out of YVR’s South Terminal river location on a charter, it should only take about 40 minutes to our dock.

There are scheduled flights from YVR South Terminal and downtown Vancouver, that’ll take you to Sechelt. Some will take you to Madeira Park, in Pender Harbour. And some apparently come from Seattle to Madeira Park.


By Boat: Check your marine charts. Email Alistair so he can best advise you if you wish to bring a boat from Vancouver, Vancouver Island or Gulf Islands, or anywhere else.